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That 3-year old headshot you keep using? It just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Clients today want to connect with the people they buy from.

They want to know who you are.

What you stand for.

What your life is like.

And with platforms like Instagram and Facebook more popular than ever, it’s become easier and easier to engage with the people they do business with.

People want to follow you and join in the conversations you’re having.

I know it may seem a bit uncomfortable to have all that attention. But here’s the thing.

Your Audience just wants to know that you’re real.

Entrepreneurs and Influencers like yourself need to share who you are with your audience. This is why Personal Brand Photography is imperative to your business’s success.

I can help you share your unique story through beautiful imagery and provide you with visual branding content for your social media outlets.

The essence of who you are & the story of your brand will resonate with customers. Your potential clients will feel like they know you….and want to do business with you or buy from you!

You need new images all the time that you can post frequently, but you have better things to do than to waste time each day taking low-quality selfies.

Instead, let me be your personal photographer.

I can bring out your true emotion and capturing who you are in images (even if you feel awkward in front of the camera).

We will work together to create stories and take quality photos for you up to 4 times per year, giving you several months worth of images at a time.

But here’s the thing:

I am only taking 12 Clients to work with 4 times per year.

This is to ensure you receive High Quality service and once I get to know your Brand, the sessions will be quicker which gives you more time to focus on other parts of your business.

After that, there will be a Waiting List

What is Personal Brand Photography?

This is more than a Head Shot!!!

Personal Branding Photography is telling your story through authentic imagery. I pay attention to the details of your story from our consultation and your onboarding questionnaire, so I can truly understand your business and your brand.

What is a Story?

Your story is who you are and why you do what you do. We all have many stories that make up who we are. We’re going to take one part of one story (or one story) and translate it into images.

For Example: How your day looks running your business, What you do while working, playing, or relaxing. If you have a cause, volunteering, or fundraising, we show the Why part of what you do to your audience.

Why authentic photography is so important for your brand

Using photography to reinforce your personal brand is an excellent way to take advantage of the visual nature of the human brain. If you’re running an online business or building an online portfolio, high-quality, authentic photography will play a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. It’s one of the most effective ways to enhance your positioning as an expert and instantly connect with your readers or customers.


Your Next Steps


Schedule a Face-to-Face or Phone consultation by clicking on the Schedule Now button. We’ll talk about your business and schedule your shoot. I’ll send out a quick questionnaire to get us thinking about your brand and the stories you want to tell.


We’ll connect in person or via video chat to talk about the shoot. We’ll discuss your brand, your needs, how you’ll use your photos, locations, hair and makeup…all the details to make sure your shoot works for you and your brand. You’ll leave feeling prepared and ready to go.


We’ll spend up to a day of shooting in the locations, outfits and environments we discussed. This is your time, not mine, so we won’t waste it. At the end of the day we’ll review your images and you’ll be able to choose your favorites immediately.


Your gallery of digital files will be ready within a week of the shoot and delivered through my Smugmug Client Gallery. Photos can be pre-cropped and ready to go based on the specifications of where you will be using them. You’ll have amazing images that are authentically you for your website, social media outlets, your blog, and any launches you have planned for the year.

Based in Davenport, FL and Serving the Entire United States

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